Friday, October 26, 2007

Xuelan is here!!!

Yea!!! We just got a phone call from our guide- Xiulan (shoelawn). And then we went to her room to meet her. She is really nice and really Chinese. She speaks good English but talks really fast. She told us that tomorrow we WILL BE GETTING THE BABIES. But we might not go to the orphanage as expected. Somehow the orphanage has changed their mind- unless we are willing to pay extra. She is not happy with them at all. But she said if we don't go to the orphanage then they will bring the babies to us tomorrow afternoon. So we have just one more night of being a family of 2. (Yes, I know, sleep now because I will never sleep again) If we don't go to the orphanage then we will use the already rented bus to tour the city in the morning.

Today- we got up at 6:30 and went down to the breakfast buffett. We recognized bacon, fried potatos, bread, and yogurt. Everything else looked nice but I'm not sure what it all was. We tried some of it and everything was good. But I'll probably be sticking with the "normal" looking stuff. We then went out walking the streets. We were the only Americans anywhere. And the Chinese people stared and pointed at us everywhere we went. They would pick up their kids so they could get a better look at us. It felt really weird! We found a department store, a supermarket, and a Mcdonalds. Now just need to find a Starbucks to be really happy. Oh, and the toilets are going to be dedicated in a post all of their own! Wow.

Our hotel room is really nice and is apparently a 5 star hotel. But the tap water is not drinkable and we cannot get it in our mouths at all. I showered but now feel dirty because I know the water is contaminated. We have a minibar with a frig. And 2 chairs and table to look out the panoramic window. I feel so much better today and am starting to get excited about tomorrow. Not sure what Ill do when I get handed Emma Rose- but I'm sure Vanous the camera/video freak will capture every emotional moment on film. And Im sure he will post all pictures of me- especially the bad ones. ha ha


Moya said...

How exciting. Time is getting close now. Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow!Hope you get a chance to go the swi as it may make things easier for the baby at meeting (if she hasn't just finished a two hour ride to Chongqing)and of course it would be nice for you.
Can't wait to see pictures of the three of you/.
anotehr DJ mom

Natalie said...

It is 10:30 p.m. here in Scottsville on Sat. night so that means it is 11:30 a.m. on Sunday morning in China. The moment you have been waiting 2 years for is right around the corner. As I go to bed tonight I will be praying for you as you are joined with Emma Rose and you become a family of 3. God Bless you both as you enter into parenthood.

The Berry's

JoAnna said...

I'm so excited for you both. Tomorrow-Today for you, you'll be getting your little girl! I hope you are excited because we all sure are back here in Scottsville! I can't wait to see Jen's first facial expression when she gets to hold little Emma Rose in her arms for the first time. I remember what it felt like. It's estatic! Can't wait to see pictures!
Be safe, enjoy your time...
Love JoAnna

Anonymous said...

Oh My GOSH!!!!! I just got your emial so i looked at your site ASAP!!!! I am so excited and I will be checking this page of every hour of every day. I am am just thrilled for the both of you and I can't wait to see all of you when you get back. So Good Lcuk and have a safe and wonderful trip.

Jo Beth

Krupali Champaneria said...

Hey Mr. Brown!! Krupali here. I was looking through the pics and your baby girl is so cute. Everyone here misses you alot. Ms. Ellis is really nice and funny. she tells us jokes and stuff every day. Everybody is being really good. We al can't wait till you get back. Everybody talks about you everyday to keep us updated. I am writing this in computer apps. Mrs. McClard said to look at your site to see what you are doing. Everybody thinks you, your wife, and Emma Rose just look like a complete family. Well I got to go.Byee.:-)