Sunday, October 28, 2007

First Bath!

We tackled the bath tub and Emma Rose loved the water. She splashed and splashed and let water run all over her face.
Therefore, we will be hitting that pool this summer!!!! First picture is right after her bath- note the Mavericks rattle in her hand- a gift from cousin Nicholas. The second is after we are dressed and ready to go see someone. (outfit courtesy of Myra). We have had a good morning. But we still haven't pooped yet and we have a bad rattle in our chest. So prunes have been added to the diet as well as apple juice. At 2:30 this afternoon we have to go to some government office to sign more papers and take our gifts. I've already been warned to dressed her in layers or I'll be in trouble. Isn't she a cutie!


the little's said...

She is so adorable, especially in her new outfit. ha ha. Continue to enjoy her every movement. I can't wait to be able to hug and love on her. Take care and love to the new mommy, daddy and most of all Miss Emma Rose.


Natalie said...

Sounds like things are going good (praying for poop, prunes should work). Everyone at church thought she was so precious and can't wait until you are home with her. Ken printed the last post from Sunday nite and Chuck read it to the congregation and everyone chuckled at Vanous and the diaper change...I'm sure he will/did fine. Got to get ready for school but I will be checking in often...

Love and give her kisses and hugs from us.
The Berry's

Zakk Gammon said...

Congratulations on your new addition! I'm so happy for you!!! She's beautiful... I can't wait until we all get to see her. I hope you're enjoying China, and I know you're enjoying Emma Rose. Keep the postings and pictures coming. Ya'll look so happy!

Congrats again!!!!!


Brandon Thompson said...

Mr. Brown, I didn't know they made Maverick's toys for babies! She is cute and I hope Team Honor gets to see her in person sometime in the future.

Looks like your doing a great job as a parent and I wish you the best of luck through the entire experience ;)