Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh how sweet to sleep... last time (haha). We both were wiped out when we arrived. We stretched out for a nap at about 12:30pm in china and we woke up at 12:00 midnight. Now we will have to find a way to get some sleep to get on the right time schedule. The pictures are the progression of expressions Jenn had as we traveled (not across the ocean, but up the coast of Cal, into Canada, over the bering straights, clipping Russia, and finally down from Norther China. Every bit of 15 hours flight. We had heard it would be a long, painful flight and they were right. Our advice is to upgrade and fly premium without hesitation. Worth the money. matter..we are here.
Tomorrow we hope to get out and see some sights, shop a little, and try a little local food (cooked or we peel it food). Oh yea...we are unable to see our blog spot page. We can edit and add updates in "edit mode" so keep checking. We just can't see it. I have now set comments you post to go to our emal as we can get them that way AND I have set it so anyone can post (not just registered users) so post on. We will continue to post as we go each day.

Mr. B's extra credit for science..."What is the science value of sleep on the human body?"


the little's said...

Glad you all got some rest. From looking at the third picture, I think Jen might have needed some? I am glad you recovered in the fourth picture. I will keep checking back. Lots of love.


Kristen said...

i am very glad that you two made it ok! we will continue to keep you in our prayers. i cant wait to get to see your faces as you guys hold little Emma Rose! School is going ok here.. we do have a good sub. he is funny, and nice but i think we all miss Mrs.Brown lots.

Alan J said...

Well I'm glad that yall made it safely. I can tell from the pics that Mrs. Brown really needs more coffee. Again I'm really glad that yall made it safely. Your in our prayers.

p.s. Where's our extra credit Mrs. Brown? :-)

Natalie said...

We understand that feeling well. Been there done that but the reward is worth all the missed sleep. Enjoy your site-seeing and get ready for the most exciting moment in your life.
Checking in often.
The Berry's

Cassie said...

Glad you made it alright! Can't wait to see her when you get back! She needs to learn the whole softball thing early so it can soak in her blood! lol
Love, Cassie

Ryan's Mom 07 said...

Glad you have made it safe and have gotten some rest. I hope you have a great day tomorrow sight seeing and shopping. I can't wait to see a picture of the new Brown family and your expressions the first time you see her. Thanks for keeping us updated back home. Will keep checking back.
Debbie Wolfe

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to the see the pictures of you holding that precious thing for the very first time. I am thinking of you all. Love, Christy Jo

Anonymous said...

im glad yall got some sleep if i wou;dve missed some sleep i wouldnt have been able to walk in the morning