Monday, October 22, 2007

Packing nightmares!

We're in the homestretch now. Only 1 more day to get ready. We have spent today packing. Yeah, sounds easy right? Ha. We spent 2 hours getting everything we wanted to take to fit in the suitcase. I used every trick I have been told and have read about. We put cheerios in every available space we could find. We used ziplock bags for everything. And everything fit. Whew- we thought we were done. And then we weighed them. Both weighed in at 55 - 60 pounds. (remember that there is a 44 pound limit). So back to the drawing board. We first eliminated some clothes. Still to heavy. We them removed some items we figured we could buy in China. Still overweight. Took out some of my snacks I was planning on living on for 2 weeks. Still too heavy. Took out more clothes and crammed them into the carryon. Still to heavy. Finally, we took out more clothes and we are now successfully at 44 pounds- but we barely have anything to wear. Now we are 2 people who like to take LOTS of clothes when we go anywhere so if you dont know us you can't appreciate this amazing feat! But never fear! We traded off pairs of underwear for coffee, creamer, and sugar packets. (I do have my limits).

Its almost time. We are soooo ready to go. Watch out EMMA ROSE- HERE WE COME!!! We'll be hungry, tired, barely clothed, but caffeined up and high on love! :)


Nick_Nack said...

hey Mrs. Brown,
I hope everythings going good. sorry about the packing nightmare. I can't wait till you get your little angel or when you come back to school. You know you need to come and see your 4th block again. You know you love us. just admit it. but anyways. have a great, but safe trip to china, and make sure to try to keep us updated. Your the best teacher ever, and your going to make a great mother. but i guess i'll talk to you later
Love Always,

JoAnna said...

Mrs. Brown,
So packing was difficult huh? Well there will be more to bring back with you, including Emma Rose's belongings. Hope you have a safe trip and have an estatic first moment with your NEW BABY, Emma Rose. I see you now, talking to them chinese people with your hands flying up in the air, you trying to express how excited you are. I hope you have a great time with your daughter. Be safe, be careful, and have fun. And yes I am doing my work but thought I'd leave you a comment.
Love Ya Bunches, Joanna