Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We are GREAT! 1 Year later....

One year has passed since my last post-- and we are doing wonderfully!  Ben is thriving and Emma is loving her little brother..  Life is good.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update on Ben!!

Well- I realized that I had not blogged since August and felt like I needed to update the pictures at least. Things are going very well. Ben has adjusted well to being a Brown. He loves his family and his home. He has started walking and is caught up on almost all of his developmental skills. His speech is still delayed but he is saying Momma, DADA, Emma, Baa (bottle), and a few other words. He is doiing fine with the babysitter as well. We are so happy we made it through the tough times this summer. He is a joy most of the time. He is still stubborn, and spoiled, and cries a lot.... but we have accepted it as part of the Ben personality. Due to facebook- I tend to neglect the blog these days. Sorry to anyone watching. 2 kids have really rocked my world. I barely have the time to do anything. ...

Emma is 5

Birthday Girl!!

Diaper Change

Emma tackled the dreaded diaper change. It was fun for all!!

Christmas Holiday

Walking- finally!

Halloween picts.....

WE had a great Halloween. Emma wanted to be a Scary Bat.... Ben- well he went as Frankie!