Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on Ben!!

So we have been home almost 7 weeks now. Benjamin is getting better and better every day. He is not crying as much as is simply more at ease now. I will say that I think he "LIKES" all of us. I know it will be awhile before he loves any of us. It shows in the small things he does like slipping me a smile when I did nothing to earn it. Or crawling into my lap and cooing loudly all on his own. It is wonderful. But he still is hesitant about getting too intimate with me. Rocking him is way too personal for him. He will not let me get that close- just long enough to get his bottle and then down he goes. I so want to snuggle with him in the bed- but nope- that is not happening now. He will roll quickly away and avoid my touch. But we are progressing that is for sure. We visited the Nashville Zoo and have been back to the Pool a few times. But we are still keeping him close to home. I am taking a leave from school to prepare him for a babysitter. That is not something I am looking forward too. I so want to stay at home with him but we just cannot swing it. Ugh. Emma is warming up to him and is very protective of her little brother. Ben LOVES Emma and wishes she would notice him more. Life is good at the moment. Thanks for checking in with us!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home 1 month

Things are finally starting to feel normal around here. Finally. Man- June was a LONG month. Benjamin is doing much much better. He has accepted me and I think is starting to like our family. He is smiling a lot now and is visibly more relaxed. He still has his moments- big huge horrible moments- but they are becoming few and far between as time goes by. We still have a lot of mountains to climb but things are so much better than in the beginning. He now wants me to hold him all of the time. I repeat- all of the time. Gets very tiring on this 41 year old woman. ER is very needy as well. She has been a trooper though. Ben has cried a lot and still cries a lot. It really grates on my nerves and I understand him. She doesn't understand and has had to really think about things. Whew. We have not really gone anywhere big. Just to the pool, and to church, and our big outing-- Dinosaur World!! Ha. Ben seems to like to go places and does well when out. I am still adjusting to 2 kiddos and the work that goes with them. Ugh. But compared to a month ago--- we are doing great!!!!