Sunday, October 28, 2007


Emma Rose laughs and giggles, smiles and crawls, makes cute baby noises, wets her diaper (no poop yet), and we are so not sure what to do next but look at her in wonder. She hasn't cried yet, but she is showing signs of sleep. We signed the papers saying we would love her and care for her forever. What a day!


the little's said...

What a beautiful family!!!! I can tell from the pictures, how wonderful you all feel. It is written all over your faces. Thanks for sharing this special moment with all of us. I will continue to check the blog while you are gone. Please enjoy every minute with your beautiful daughter. They grow up so fast. All my love.


Jo Beth said...

You all look so Happy!!!! I am so happy for you, and you all look so happy and you look like the perfect family. I got up first thing this mornig to see what was going on. I will of course continue to check the blog. Once again have a Wonderful and safe trip.

Jo Beth

Tiffany Orange said...

I hope you have a good time in china with you little baby girl. your baby girl is very pretty and adorible. and i hope your little baby is very,very heathly.Good luck Mr. brown we LOVE & MISS YOU MR. BROWN!!!!!

Adam wood said...

yall make the perfect family!!!!!!