Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And we're off...

Hi all! Mike has dropped us off at the airport in Nashville, bags are checked, we have taken our shoes off, pulled out all the "stuff" in our bags, gone through security, and now we are awaiting the first leg of our time in the air. WOW! its already been a long morning and it has just started. Is this not cool. Sitting at the airport updating our blog. We left the house full of excitement, bright eyed and all smiles. Hope we will look even half that good when we are flying home! Will update when we get to LA! Remember to leave us a comment if you want to give us a message!

Extra Credit for Mr. Brown's class: Explain how airplanes really fly? As we sit here watching them take off and land, it is amazing to us geeky science nerds. (a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. Brown) How can such a heavy object stay up in the sky? Research this question and write your explanation on paper with your name, date, and class and turn in to Mrs. Ellis. Stay tuned for more!


brittany jo said...

I bet ya'll are so excited!! i got up early this morning and was like omg they are leaving today. hope all is well and it stays that well. the new sub in class is alright he's new at this though but we can make it through even though were are gonna miss you like crazy. just make sure ya'll have fun but stay safe!!! with lots of love

brittany jo

nick_nack said...

Hey Mrs. Brown,
I'm so excited for you. yoru going to get your little angel. Please don't forget to send me pictures. if you want, you can send them on my yahoo. my address is, don't ask, i've had it for like 4 or 5 years. but anyways, please write me sometime, but have fun, and good luck. its a long trip, but there's something great waiting for you at the end of the i guess i'll ttyl....luv always

Natalie said...

I tried calling the house the morning but you had already left. We just wanted you both to know that we are thinking and praying for you as you start this unforgettable journey. We can still remember seeing Lilli for the first time as they laid her in our arms. This is a overwhelming feeling that you will never forget and will never find the words to describe. We will be following you through this blog and with our hearts. We are anxiously awaiting your return with Emma Rose to her new home, friends and family. I can't help but cry with tears of joy for all three of you! What a lucky little girl.

The Berry's


HEY, MR. B!!!!!! It's Luc, i hope you have a good trip, and be safe!!! Good luck with everything when you get to china!!!! Oh yeah if you wanna look at some pics of me and mike or just look around, my website is:!!!!