Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Shower Sunday!!

Wow! What a baby shower I just had! Mount Union is the greatest church in the world! How can I ever truly thank
them all of their kindness, support, and love? A thank you note just can't relay my gratitude. I can't wait to bring Emma Rose to church for everyone to see. Soon.
I recieved a BUNCH of presents today. Clothes, monitor, LeapPad, exersaucer, diapers, money, toys, blankets, sippy cups, and more and more. It was amazing. The fellowship hall was decorated with a "China" theme. It had white tablecloths with red accents. Panda bears and bamboo arrangements graced the tables. A special cross stiched picture featuring ladybugs from my sister sat on an easel beside the gift table. One of my good friends had Emma Rose's name written in Chinese characters framed and sitting in the middle of the gift table. It was so very special. My mom brought the quilts she had made for Emma Rose so I could show them off. But my favorite gift was a basket of items given by my 2 nephews. It contained a pink basketball, a WKU onesie, a UK sippy cup, a Mavericks rattle, and a handmade doll chair made by Nick. What memories I will have of this day. I almost hate that it is over since I had anticipated it for sooooo long.
Only 10 days more to go til we board that plane to go get my baby! May they FLY BY!



Sandy said...

Kasey came home with this website and just could not wait to show it to me. We are both so excited for you and your husband!! Having a child is so amazing! I know you will be a wonderful mother! Kasey thinks that you hung the moon! You are all she talks about. Have a safe trip and get home soon so that we can see that beautiful baby!
With love,
Sandy & Kasey Williams

Tracy said...

Good luck on your trip Mrs. Brown! I'm gonna miss you a whole's not going to be the same with out you here.
Tracy Steen

Michael Alford said...

Whats up Mr.B I hope your having fun i can't wait for you to come back. you dont need to worry about your classroom it still looks as good as it did when you left. 5th period got 2 marbles today and were tied with another class. well i'm running out of space and theres so much i'd like to say. i'll keep you in my prayers. seeyou when you get back. michael alford