Saturday, October 27, 2007

3 hours and waiting

The crib arrived and is waiting. We can't describe the feelings right now. Anxious, nervous, scared, excited, releived, did I mention scared. haha. We receive our daughter for the first time in about 3 hours. They are probably on their way here right now. We could just cry we are so happy. As the Napiers say...we are "in a twitter". We are not getting to go to the orphanage as planned. Instead the babies will be brought to the hotel. Wanted to go, but then again that would have been six hours on a bus. The important thing is she is coming. We took one last walk as a family of two. Bought a few things and now we wait to meet in the lobby at 3:00. No sleep tonight for good reasons.

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the little's said...

Having just gotten home from my class reunion and based on your posted time, I am sure you are with your precious daughter as I type this message. I will be checking when I wake up to see your wonderful new family. I am so excited. Love you all.