Thursday, August 23, 2007

Almost there!!

The rumors are flying right now about the next cut-off date. I have heard Nov 24, Nov 25, and now Nov 29. The good thing is that they all include ME!!! Yea. I really think we should be looking at our little girl's (or boy's) face in about 2 weeks or sooner. Wow. I have waited a long time to say that sentence. As soon as we know anything I will post it to this blog along with her/his picture if I have one. Cross your fingers for us.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Are we Next???

The CCAA has matched another batch today. They matched up to LID's of November 21st. Remember that we are November 24th. That means that we probably will get our referral at the beginning of September. There were several boys and sets of twins in this latest batch. Could we be in for a surprise? So I think I can say- with a little hesitation- that we are NEXT! Of course, the CCAA could do another 2 day batch which would throw us into October. No negative thinking around here. If we get a Sept. referral then we would probably travel sometime in late October or early November. I am so excited and SO READY!