Monday, May 26, 2008

Children's Day/ Memorial Day

Hello everyone. Thought you might enjoy some updated photos of our little princess. This Sunday was a special day at our church where the children perform, sing, etc. ER got all dressed up and was beautiful as usual. She has really grown during the last couple of weeks. She is getting taller and taller but staying slim. Her shorts fall off of her but to get the length I have to buy the next size up. She is loving being outside and going barefoot in the grass. She loves to help me water the flowers and gets soaked every time to her delight. I am out of school this week and will have lots of new picts up over the summer. Keep checking back. We had a scare with the BIG earthquake in China which was within her province. The epicenter was very near her orphanage and hometown but thank goodness both escaped serious damage. The Chengdu orphanages were not as lucky. We have been keeping up with all of the news. Over 50,000 dead. So sad.