Thursday, October 25, 2007

And we arrive....

WOW! We have never been so glad to get off an airplane in our entire lives. 15 hour in coach. Jenn says never again will we fly coach if we ever come back. Tiny seats, hard cushions, not good at all. haha But I keep saying "keep your eyes on the prize". We got here with the Young's about 9:40 china time. We then hopped another flight to get to Chongqing. We are totally out of our small town KY element. The youngs breifly lost their bags (our made it all the way) and we found out that we can not communicate very well at all. Almost resorting to pictinary. There is some broken English here which helps, but we really struggle to talk with anyone.
We are in our hotel now and resting. We are afraid to go eat without a guide as, like I said earlier, we aren;t the best at communicating here yet. But we are here and we get to hold emma rose in less than two days now. That is worth every inconvenience we have had or will have. More later when Jenn wakes up and we feel up to it. haha


Amy - Aims said...

Hey guys,
I am so glad you have made it. Rose called me last night after you had called her. I at least knew you were in China. She was excited to hear from you and reliefed you were there. Did you think about me when the plane was delayed? HAHA I am just glad I wasn't on it. Take care and keep posting. I can't wait to see the first picture of your FAMILY. Love you.

the little's said...

So glad to hear that you made it without losing any luggage. I am like Amy, so excited to see that first family photo. All my love to you both.

JoAnna said...

Hey, hope everthing goes great in the China world. Glad you both made it safe and successfully! Hope you catch up on your lost sleep for the BIG DAY!
Love to your NEW FAMILY!!!
JoAnna (thanks for x-credit Mrs. B.)