Thursday, October 11, 2007

Could we be any more blessed!

So many couples get one, two, and at best three pictures of their child as they wait to go get her or him. We have been blessed to have joined a discussion group of parents who have adopted from the same orphanage we are getting Emma Rose from. The blessing is that they have shared pictures of their visits. She has been in a number of the pictures. Because of that we know she is has been in Gracie's room and we have seen her in pitcures as she has grown and even as of a few days ago like the one here. She is so beautiful. We are saving and printing like crazy. haha


Kristen said...

she is very pretty and you two are going to be such good parents!

even though i don't you like i do Mrs.Brown i bet you are as nice as she is.. Mrs.Brown was telling me how you said none of your students left you comments as Brittany and I so i wanted to leave you one as well to make you feel

Kristen said...

that is suppose to say i dont know you....sorry..

Machaela B. said...

Im leaving as many messages as I can!!! She is so precious! I just know that she is the child of your dreams!!
~*Machaela B.*~

talesha said...

hi mr b. i am so happy for you she is so cute.