Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter Pictures!!

This post contains family pictures. Not that any of us are as pretty as ER is but -- thought you might want to see the whole family!! (Remember that my sister is spending Easter on a Carribean Cruise and wants to see us in our finery. Scroll down for more Easter pictures of Emma Rose Brown!!!

Easter Day!

We had a great Easter Day. Emma Rose got up happy and ready to hunt eggs. (She had been practicing all week at her Nannie Rose's house). We put on her new green dress, pink bow, and pink coat and headed off to church. For once, she fell asleep during the service and we had to wake her up for the egg hunt, which is held immediately after church. She woke up quick and after bundling back up for the hunt- she was ready to go. At first, she wanted to just take her time and look at each egg. We persuaded her to put them in her basket and she finally got the hang of it. She was sooooo cute!!! This was one of those moments I have waited a lifetime for--- to help my baby egg hunt. We then went to Nannie Rose and Grandaddy's house for dinner and some more bonding time. She opened her "Easter present" there and quickly made a mess. But we love her anyways.
We missed having my sister and family with us. They are on Spring Break and are taking a cruise. I told them I would post lots of pictures of ER. So that explains why there are so many this time. Of course, I do like to show off my beautiful daughter too!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Palm Sunday

Since it was Palm Sunday, ER carried a palm branch down the aisle of the church along with the other children and laid it on the altar. Of course she was darling and we video taped it all. She looks good in yellow doesn't she? Friend Myra gave her some bath paint as part of her Easter present. She LOVED it. We will take tons of Easter pictures as well. Check back.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Playing in the Snow!

We finally got enough snow to go outside and play in it a little. ER did not enjoy it as much as her Mom and Dad did.
I dressed her up in her pink snowsuit and she was so bundled up she couldn't move very well. We tied a rope to a plastic lid and tried to drag her around on it like a sled. She was not impressed. ha. We then went across the road to our Mennonite friends home and the 2 little girls over there took ER with them and she had a better time. ( Mom and Dad sat in the kitchen and had coffee and cookies.) By the next day all the snow was gone. But we did get a few pictures. Imagine that!!!