Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Travel Plans!

Airplane flights are booked! We leave for China on October 24th. Gotcha day is October 27th.
And we return on November 10th with our little Emma Rose. We also got some really exciting news this week. We actually get to go to the orphanage to get the babies. Therefore, we get to take lots of pictures and video of where Emma Rose spent her first 9 months. I'm told that as she grows older she will love that we have these pieces of her past to share with her. Most families do not get to go near the orphanage much less take pictures there. We are so lucky. What is funny to others but not to us is the packing ordeal. We are limited to 1 suitcase each that weighs less than 44 pounds. Keep in mind that Vanous and I pack that much if we are going to the mountains for the weekend- we are in China for 16 days. (and we have to pack for the baby too!). Yep. We are having trouble. But we WILL DO IT!

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