Friday, October 26, 2007

Sites from our room.

Thought you might like to see where we are and what we see out our window. The sites are amazing. To one side you see a developing city and to the other side poor housing. The room is very nice. It is one of the few high end hotels that is environmentally aware. The esculators don't run until you walk on to them, the temps are set to save energy, and even the key to the room is used to power the entire room itself. When you leave the room, you have to pull our the key from a slot in the wall and about 3 minutes later, all the lights, TV, etc go off. Wow. Is that not energy saving aware or what.

Mr. B's Science extra credit...list 10 proven things you could do to save energy at your house.


Natalie said...

Hey, glad your feeling better. I remember the water situation real well....we were there 16 days and everyday I run my toothbrush under the faucet and then had to wash it with the boiled water they had sent up for us....just never could get the hang of it. Glad you hooked up with your guide that should help with the communicating. I remember the stare from being the minority but what until you are minority walking around with a chinese baby!! We would go out and just be walking down the street and before you knew it a crowd had gathered around to see us and the babies....they were always friendly and would wish the children a long, happy and properious life. Some shop owners even would give the children gifts for happiness...necklaces etc. Anyway enjoy the day, God is going to bless you with sweet Emma Rose tomorrow. I will check in the morning before church.....We can't wait to see the pictures. Lilli says give her a big hug and kiss from her....she is already planning her a surprise!!!
The Berry's

Sarah said...

Ha, HA, Ha, Your wife called you a video freak.

Machaela B. said...

Wow those are some amazing views!! Man, I bet yall are gettin alot of pictures of how busy those streets are!! I bet all you hear alot of honking and car alarms huh? (Or are you so high up you cant hear them? LOL)I hope you bring us back soe more pictures!! ( better yet post all the pictures you can so we can see them sooner) Try to post back if you can!!
~* Machaela B.*~

2j aka johnjames said...

mr.brown i china really that big how many cars have you had to dodge when you walk across the street what kind of resteraunts dose china have