Thursday, June 9, 2011

We are home!!

Well, thank the Lord we made it home in one piece and slightly sane. There is just nothing one can do to make that 14 hour plane ride enjoyable. I have never been in first class so maybe there is a secret. Ben did great on the plane. Slept a lot. He decided quickly that Vanous was his favorite. He tolerated Vanous holding him as long as he was in the carrier facing out. On the plane he let us lay him in the Bassinet the plane provided for some time as well. So that was all good. But he did not like me at all. He would cry if I touched him. Refused to take a bottle from me even if positioned away from me. Wail if I picked him up. So poor Daddy had to be the babysitter ALL THE WAY HOME. ER was a trooper. She did much better than us all. We were greeted at the airport by friends and family. And thanks to my Mom had supper on the table for us and a refrigerator full of groceries. I was exhausted- physically and emotionally. I have read numerous blogs and books about this kind of trauma but to see it in person was truly heartbreakiing. And to be refused by him just about killed me. We were up all night with him on our first night home as well just to add to the exhaustion. He is raging as he grieves the loss of his world. (raging is scary) Thank goodness, my Mom and Sister came to take care of ER and the house while we rested best we could and let me try to get him to trust me. He is doing better. He let me carry him around in the carrier today for about 3 hours. He is tolerating my touch and will let me play with him somewhat. But Daddy is still the one. We have not taken many pictures so I'll have to post again with them later. He is adorable. Hoping to sleep a little tonight.



Anonymous said...

Love you

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