Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fancy Toilet

We are both amazed at the fancy commode we now have. It is called a Bidet (sp.?).... Hmmmmm. How to describe?
Well, Koreans believe that cleanliness is VERY important and find the use of toilet paper nasty. Thankfully they do provide a minimal amount of TP here at the hotel. I better not go into detail, but it has provided us all with a lot of interesting conversation. Hehehe. Look it up.


Mrs. Cornwell said...

Ummmmmm...... I just dont really know what to say here?? I guess...Glad You all are staying Clean! lol
Graduation tonight! fun fun... Cant wait to see more pics of Ben!

Mrs. Cornwell said...

Oh and Very important.. Went to the Region Softball Tournament yesterday. Sat with Sue Neal. We won 8-0. Five of our kids made the all region team.-- Good Times