Sunday, June 5, 2011


Lazy Sunday for us. We laid around the hotel room until after 10 am. (Emma's favorite part of the trip is the hotel room). Then we decided to take a stroll up and down the streets near the hotel. We have about had our fill of taxi's. We found another mall and lots of shops. Once again- very expensive stuff. In fact, we found a Chanel store and a Tiffany's. Way out of our league. But we DID find something great. It was a Playplace for kids full of Teddy bears. You paid for 2 hours of playtime. Yes- expensive to us but worth it to ER for being such a great girl this trip. So off she went to play and play and play. She tried very hard to make new friends but the language barrier makes it difficult. But it was great to see her surrounded by other kids, tons of kids, that looked like her. We hoped she felt like she belonged and was not the "different" one as she is most of the time everywhere we go. Van and I had coffee as she played. ($4 for a cup BTW)..... and we had a waffle for dessert today- waffles are the new thing here in Korea apparently. They cover them in ice cream and whipped cream. Very very good. ER is napping now and we may venture out again tonight.

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