Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are here!

Whew! What a long plane ride. Korean Air was wonderful and made us as comfortable as possible. But there is just no way to make 14 hours on a plane enjoyable. (This picture was made when we just got on the plane.) I did not allow any pictures of me afterwards! None of us slept much at all. Emma did great. Did not whine or cry even though she was exhausted. She is such a little trooper. Me on the other hand- did whine and cry. Ugh. We made it to the airport, found our luggage, and caught a bus to our hotel. (the Seoul Palace) It is very very very nice but really not family friendly. Lots of businessmen here dressed perfectly. My cargo pants, T-shirt, and crocs stuck out like a sore thumb. Or maybe we stood out because we are the ONLY Americans in sight. Who know? At that moment I could have cared less. Just want a bed- NOW. Our room is small but incredibly elegant. They brought a crib which ER has now claimed as her own personal space. We all slept from 730 pm to 700 am. Now I am in search of coffee. We brought instant but there is no microwave or means of hot water. UGH. I am fixing to get really ILL!!!! UGH!!
Today is very important. At about 1:30 pm we meet our case worker to go meet Benjamin. Am nervous but so ready. We are now trying to figure out what to do for breakfast. ER is playing and watching her DVD player eating Cheerios. Things are as great as they can be right now- except for the COFFEE!


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Little, Myra said...

Glad to hear that you got there safely and got some much needed rest. I can not wait to see more pictures of Benjamin and hear how adorable he is in person. Lots of love and prayers coming your way.

P.S. I do hope you found coffee. LOL