Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meeting Benjamin Daniel!!!

Today- Thursday June 2nd
We woke up at about 7 am here after a much needed rest. Snacked for breakfast in the room. Showered and dressed. Then caught a taxi to the SWS building. We found where we were to meet our case worker and then asked for directions to any eating places. They directed us to the basement of a large building and - there it was- Mcdonalds. We all 3 ate well.!!! Then we found a Starbucks on the walk back. Heaven for me!!!! Now- we were ready........................

We took about an hour van ride out of the city to a rural part of Seoul. We walked up an alley and up some steep steps and was met by the Foster Mother. She hugged us and invited us into her home. It was small but well kept. A picture of the Lord's supper hung above the couch. And there- on the floor was Benjamin. ER went straight to him and he immediately started reaching for her. She got a little shy but handled it all well. I tried to talk and play with him but he cried when I got too close. He couldn't quit staring at "the giant"/ Vanous. The foster mother served us OJ and snacks. I recognized watermelon. We tried other things but have no idea what they were. I was not hungry at all but we did not want to be rude. All we could do was look at Benjamin. He is obviously VERY attached to both FM and Foster Father. They are both very loving people and the house was full of happiness. You can tell they were not rich and probably struggle for money but were sooooo nice to us. We stayed for about an hour. Our case worker asked FM several questions for us about his schedule/ comfort items/ etc.
We are scheduled to "get him" next Tuesday at 11:00 am.
We are both very overwhelmed right now and I struggle to find the words to describe the experience. Maybe later. What a day.

Jennifer and Vanous and ER


Little, Myra said...

It is obvious that he is taken with ER. So happy that things went well. You all are going to be a gorgeous family. Can not wait to meet him myself. Be safe. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Glad all went well. ER is going to be a GREAT big sister. So excited for you all. Love to everyone!

Mrs. Cornwell said...

I Love These Pictures!! Thank you for Sharing! Who would ever think you could be so happy to see a McDonalds! lol.. The pictures of Ben and ER are soo Cute. I'm glad she is doing so well on the trip. Ben looks so Big! Enjoy your trip, what an incredible experience!
Love You -- C

Ashley Baynes said...

Aww! Mrs. Brown, he is soo darlin! Im so happy for you all. He seems to like ER very well! I love you and miss you.