Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our trip to Insadong

Now today was much more successful than yesterday. Insadong was the kind of place we were looking for. Lots of small shops with more traditional types of things. But we ran into a small- no a big problem. Everything is VERY expensive. Maybe we were spoiled by our trip to China where we bought tons of small trinkets and nice presents for ER and family-- or maybe we are just really cheap people- but either way we were shocked. We quickly had to rethink our plan. With ER- we bought her 18 gifts- one for each adoption day until she turns 18. We planned on doing the same for Benjamin but we may have to rethink. We did buy everything I planned on buying today. We got him a new Hanbok (traditional Korean outfit) and of course ER got one too, a Stamp (his Korean name is carved into the bottom of a stone), Artwork/ scrolls, Traditional Calligraphy brushes with the ink powder and pan, metal Chopsticks, a Korean King and Queen figurines, and more. Whew. And none of the above came cheap. We tried to "bargain" with them like we did in China- but it did not work. Ugh. Insadong was great. There were traditional Korean music groups performing so we stopped and rested and enjoyed the shows. We found a Mcdonalds so ER ate a Happy Meal again. WE walked up most every street and alley. We ended up in a bookstore below the city where I tried to find a English/Korean book. By this time we were sooo tired and just had to leave. It has been a great but tiring day. ER is very tired of shopping. Tomorrow we may find her something fun to do.


Cathy said...

Just an idea. We could not get all those gifts for a variety of reasons so.... From here plan: Books by Russian authors, CLothes etc by Russian designers, tickets to the Russian Ballet, Music by Russians etc etc. Plates with adoption details hand painted etc. Hope this helps if you can't find everything you want.

Anonymous said...

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