Monday, November 5, 2007

She's healthy!

We had to leave early this morning to go to the doctor to get our medical exam. After waiting and waiting in a crowded waitiing room we finally got to see the doctor. Emma Rose weighed in at 19 pounds and almost 29 inches long. She is very big and very healthy as compared to most chinese babies here. They poked and prodded her and she just stared and stared but no crying. She was very ready to come back to me though. She has learned to wave at us! It is soooooo cute. We haven't captured it on film yet though but we will. After the doctor, we stopped at the local Starbucks for coffee, bottle, and a diaper change. Then it was on to some MAJOR shopping. I just love this place. Lots of stuff for a real cheap price. I don't like to haggle over things though. I let Vanous do that for me. And he is really getting the hang of it too. We made some good deals today. We then went back to the room for some rest. As you can see- Daddy and daughter simply can't keep up with Mommy yet! We are still celebrating one big success. In one of the shops we were at, the owner reached out to take Emma Rose from Vanous so he could help me do something. She refused to go to him and hung on to Vanous like glue. That is what we have been waitiing to see- some sign of attachment. And she sure loves her Daddy. I can't blame her, I love him too!


the little's said...

I am so excited over the attachment issue. I know that was a concern. You all look so much more relaxed. Enjoy what time you have left in China. We are looking forward to you coming home. We miss you lots.

Love to all

Machaela B. said...

Hey Mr.B!! So glad emma rose is healthy! I can't wait untill you come home its like a really big deal well! I'll catch your next post!

Julia said...

So glad she is healthy. Still shopping that Jennifer and Vanous is the one working on the prices just like home. Can't wan't you you all.

Love Ya

Anonymous said...

I am so happy she is healthy that is wonderful. I cant keep myself from looking at this page every single morning before I go to class. Mrs. Brown I miss you and I hope that Emma Rose keeps getting more and more attached to you each day. I can't wait to see you. Have fun in China.

Jo Beth

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Glad to hear ER has a clean bill of health and her attachment issues are coming along. As for the "cheap" shopping, is Vanous putting that stuff in his next yard sale (with a slight mark up)? haha... Sorry, I just couldn't resist!
Get home soon and have a safe trip.
Love, Al & Kerri

Morgan Thacker said...

Coach Brown I am more than glad to hear that she is healthy. Still can't wait for you to come home. We and I miss you lots and lots.

Anonymous said...

mr brown yuor baby is adorable,bring her to school