Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful day on Thursday. Emma Rose woke with a cough but we still were able to celebrate with family. She wore a new pink dress and charmed them all of course. We are sooo thankful this year for this little bundle of love we traveled halfway around the world to get. She has already captured our hearts and we can't imagine life without her in it.
The bad news is that Thanksgiving night- she woke up with a raging fever, had to go to the doctor Friday morning, and she has been really sick ever since. We had to skip church today because she just was not well enough to go. We are hoping by tomorrow she will be a little better. Parent lesson number 1002--- Sick babies get sicker at night!!


cARLEIGH r & mACHAELA b. said...

Hey Mr.B!! We are so happy that your family is finally at home and MOST OF YOU ARE HEALTHY~!!!!!!!!! bYEBYE

Natalie Shrull said...

~When are you going to bring Emma Rose to school?? We are all anxious to meet her! Just Wondering...Natalie Shrull~