Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Night at Guangzhou!

So today was our last day in this city. It has been a great trip but we are sooooo ready to come home. Today we finished up our shopping for Emma Rose, ate at Lucy's one last time, started packing, and are fixing to go to bed early, since we all know I WILL NOT sleep on the plane. We check out in the morning by 12:00 and our bus leaves at 5:00 pm for the airport. Our flight takes off at 9:00 pm China time ( which is about 7:00 am US time). Before supper, all of the families in our group got together for a group photo in front of the waterfall in the White Swan. I will miss these new friends a lot. We have become pretty close during the last 2 weeks. But----- Miss Emma Rose Brown is ready to hit that Kentucky border and join the crowd in good ole Scottsville!!!! We are coming home-- finally--- as a family of 3. Just like I have wanted for a long time. See ya folks!!!


Carleigh and Machaela said...

The picture with you & emma was PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME IN CHINA. CAN'T WAIT 4 YOU 2 COME BACK. We all want to hear all about your trip. We miss you, love ya! Even when you come home we know that you wont be back in school for a while! Hope you come and visit! Have a safe trip back!! We can't wait to see you!!

Natalie said...

Praying for a safe and easy flight.
We will be waiting to see you and sweet Emma Rose.

Until Saturday
Love you all,
The Berrys

Sarah Cusick said...

OMG Mrs. Bronw I'm SOO excited for you!! I'm proud for you too! I'mHappy for you! That is just awesome that after all that waiting you finally got through!! Well, I'm gonna go! You're still my favorite teacher in the whole wide world!!
Sarah Cusick
ICP 2006-2007

Drew N., Ashlyn C., Cheyenne F., and Brandon T. said...

Mr.B, the picture of you and Emma Rose is darling!!!We are praying for you all at church and FCA!!Jennifer, those are adorable pictures of you with Emma and the other parents!!!
Have a safe trip back!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!
Drew, Ashlyn, Cheyenne, and Brandon

cody coomer said...

mr.b your baby is so cute im glad you finally got emma hope she loves kentucky cant wait till you get back

sahin1977 said...

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