Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back from the tour!

We just got back from our tour of some places in Guangzhou. We went to a 1500 year old Buddist temple ( where ER fell asleep within 2 minutes of entering the gate) , the Jade Market, and Jenn's favorite...a well known porcelin house. (which is not a good place for reaching little hands). We got some important gifts for the family (wonder who?) and saw some beautiful history of China. Now we are off to go eat and walk the streets around the White Swan. That means shopping for cute Emma Rose clothes and shoes (and of course water). To all the Mount Union crowd- we miss being at church and can't wait to bring this adorable baby to show off to everyone! Look in the first picture at Emma's first pair of "Squeaky shoes". Only the first of MANY!!


Julia said...

Isn't China beautiful? Great place to shop. Emma looks great in the new shoes, how long will she keep them on her feet.


MACHAELA B. said...

awwwwwww! She is so adorable! I can't beleive she left her shoes on the whole time!(but you cant really pay attention of whats on your feet when your sleeping!) Im so surprised how big she has got as look back on all the pictures from a month ago! I guess I she yalls next post! GOOD LUCK!!!

Natalie said...

Jennifer you are already training that baby for shopping!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like your enjoying Guangzhou. Love her squeaky shoes!
We will share with all at church this morning and we will continue to look forward to Sat. when you are home.

The Berry's

cassie said...

Hey Coach,
Greetings from smalltown Franklin!
Glad everything is going good! I know you are enjoying your trip with your new baby girl! She is so cute.... very adorable in her pink pajamas. I can't wait to see her when you get back! I know she is just as sweet as she is cute in all her pictures! I hope all is well! I will continue to check for updates until you guys return and try to post any chance i get!

Natalie Shrull said...

Hey Mr.Brown! I am sick so I don't know how class has been going back with Mrs.Ellis! Well those shoes look very pretty on ms.emma rose! Im glad you guys got out of that hotel food and got some good american food! She is so adorable in the pictures so you guys should get some use out of that picture book I got you. We've been praying for you these past few weeks that you'll get there and back (with emma rose)safely! I can't believe you guys are still in China I thought you would be home by now(or at least on the way here)! I hope you guys get home soon! I probably won't get to write back for a while so take care.

Anonymous said...

Just thought we would tell you how beautiful your Emma Rose is!!!! We are so happy for you!! Have a safe trip & get home soon!! Mrs. Brown, I hope you are planning on bringing this cutie pie to school so we can all see her!!

Sandy & Kasey