Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Final Word From China

Our bags are checked at the front desk, our carry-ons are packed, and as you can see, Emma Rose is ready to say goodbye to her birth place and hello to her home. We have mixed feelings about leaving. We are so ready to go home and get back to Kentucky, but we know we are leaving the place that has given us more than we could imagine and hope for in Emma Rose. We think she knows. She woke up fussy this morning for the first time. We were packing and we think she recognized a change is coming. But after a nap and bottle, she knows we are not leaving her behind. She knows she is coming home with us forever.
We have a great respect for the pride, culture, hard work, and honor we found here in the people of China. We have a heart felt sympathy for their needs in terms of economics, water, environment, and freedoms we tend to take for granted. We found a book at one of the local shops that made us both cry and realize just how much someone here in China, nine and a half months ago, sacrificed and showed so much love for this little girl we now have as our daughter. For that woman, we are and will be eternally grateful for the joy she left on a Chinese orphanage step for us.
We would also like to say thank you to all who have followed our journey, whether in prayer or in comments made. We feel we are bringing our daughter back to a home and community of love. We will continue to share the next few months with you as Emma Rose adjusts to American life. we come...a family!


Natalie said...

How beautifully said....words from gracious and humble parents. Lucky Emma Rose....God found her the perfect parents. Thanks again for allowing us to follow you through this journey that God planned for you many months has truly been a blessing to us and we expect more blessing watching Emma Rose grow.

Love The Berrys

Machaela B. said...

hey Mr.B!!!! OH I just cant wait for you to get back you will have to come see us sometime!! I Can't wait to see you!! I hope you get home safe and sound! I hope emma isnt to fussy either. Hope yall have a fun trip back! See ya later!
P.S-Love Emma's outfit in those pictures its adorable!
P.S.S-PLease please please come visit us sometimes!!!!

Talesha said...

hey mr. b
I cant wait til you get back I also cant wait to see her

Drew Norwood said...

Hey!!!!!Can't wait to see you all!!!!Her little dress is so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Brown I am so excited that have have finally got her and I can't wait to see the baby. Can't wait till you get back!!!!
Kelli Fleming

Anonymous said...

How unbelievable blessed your lives will be! Welcome HOME Emma Rose! I wait to meet you for the first time!

Simone Parker

Susie Lucas said...

Hi, Mr. Brown!

Emma Rose is so beautiful--I love her pink outfits! And I think you might have a little Michael Jordan on your hands--she always has her tongue out! What a doll! I am so happy and excited for you, your wife, and Emma. She is one blessed little girl to have a family like yours! I look forward to meeting her in person!
Susie Lucas

cindy copas said...

Jennifer, I hope you 3 have a good nights rest at home. I know it will not be easy to adjust back to Scottsville time. Emma Rose is BEAUTIFUL!! Happy tears have sure been shed for this beautiful girl. God bless your family.
Cindy Copas and family

p.s. Phillip Todd said he has checked your sight everyday at school.

Drew Norwood and Family said...

I hope everything is going well at home. We miss you st school!!!We've prayed and prayed for you all at church, FCA, and youth groups!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!
Drew Norwood

Bailey said...

Mr. Brown she is so cute!!!!!!! I can't for you to come back and we are taking good care of your room. And I know god has really bless Emma Rose with two great parnets.

Abbey said...

Hey Mr. Brown this is Abbey Pais, I know it's been a while since you have seen me on the 7th grade side of the hallway. By the way I look at the pictures on the blog almost everyday and Emma Rose has grown up so much into a cute little girl. Well maybe I'll see you some at the middle school when I come to visit. I'll keep posting comments every once in a while well see you soon.

Abbey Pais