Saturday, November 3, 2007


We have read sooo much about Guangzhou and the White Swan hotel and it all seems more than what was described. There is English spoken. There are other Americans (lots actually) walking on the streets. There are shops that seem to welcome adoptive families. There are sqeaky shoes for about 25 yuan (3 dollars) a pair. We had american (close enough) food at Lucy's. We may eat there every night. AND we had the cutest daughter who fights to stay up when things are "happening" around her. But she does give in and sleeps sound. She is so good. God knew what kind of baby we needed, and he has blessed us with Emma Rose...sleeps thought the night...eats well...flys well...smiles big...studies all the things around her....BUT THEN AGAIN, SHES OUR DAUGHTER! SHE'S PERFECT!
Our room is smaller, the beds are hard, but the view is beautiful. Tomorrow we get up for breakfast (big meal here in China) and a tour of the city. We get to go to the Jade factory. When we return, we will hit some local shops. We are on the down hill run now.


Natalie said...

Oh how well we remember Lucy's. I thought those were the best French Fries I had ever tasted. The White Swan is where Lilli got in a swimming pool first. It is such a magnificant hotel. We were the only couple out of 10 that got a king size bed there, I remember the others were hard and small. Got to go...Lilli has gone to get her album so I can show her the pictures of the hotel. Still thinking and praying for all of you.

The Berry's

The Pruitt Family said...

We are so happy that everything is going good fo0r you all. Emma Rose is adorable. We can't wait to meet her. She always looks so happy. The three of you are always in our prayers and thoughts.

The Pruitt Family

Machaela B. said...

I am so glad yall are having so much fun! I bet Emma rose is having fun too!! Those sites on the blog, those are so beautiful! All the lights! Cant wait to hear from you later! Bye!

Tyler botts said...

sup mr b, i know yall are comin back and were all excited. as soon as you get back to franklin you better come back here with that cute rose of urs see ya in a while,


Krupali Champaneria said...

Emma rose looks so happy with you!! China looks so pretty.the sites on your blog are so amazing. Emma rose looks likes shes having so much fun with you and your wife. China looks so cool at night b/c of all the lights!! Well I've gots to go. Byee!! :-)