Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lets go out again!

Today we took our second family outing. We wen to, of all places in China, Starbucks! Once again people on the street and in the stores stare. Those that stop to say something (that we can't understand) are very nice. By the time we got back, little Emma Rose was tuckered out in her fancy Chinese stroller. How cute is that. You have the before, during, and after. AND you can see, when she wakes up in the mornings in the last picture, she needs her coffee (like her parents).

Mr. B's Extra Credit: Here in China, we can not drink the water or let it get in our mouth when we shower. We even have to brush our teeth with bottled water. It is full of harmful bacteria and pollutants. What is a "Bacteria"? Diagram one. Explain how they differ from the other kingdoms of living things.


Machaela B. said...

Hey Mr.B!! Emmas Fancy new stroller is so cool! I bet she was tired after a long day around china! According to the last picture she did need somthing to wake her up(but not COFFEE) More like sweet stuff!!LOL!!! I hope everything is going good! I have a question: When Emma gets about 10 years old are you going to take her back to china to let her see where she is from?? Just asking(you probably havent thought that far in the game yet though)! I bet she was really REALLY tired after a long(very adventurous) Walk around china! I cant wait to see the next post keep in touch!

Sharon Woodward said...

I am addicted to starting my morning with Emma Rose. The pictures are precious! Keep them coming.


P.S. Emma is even beautiful in the mornings.

Jacob A. and family said...

Hey Mr. and Mrs. B! We are so happy for you! My family is enjoying reading your blog every day or so to keep updated. I am working on the extra credit you've been giving out. My mom says to tell you that reading your blog and seeing the pictures make her get choked up (crying!) with joy for your family every time we read it. From Jacob A. and family

Ruth Mysinger said...

I finally found your site, and what a beautiful 'Emma' Rose! You two are naturals at this parenting thing! I'll have Nathan teach me some Chinese. Your cats are doing great. Maybe a pony in Emma Rose's future?
Love, The Mysingers

Ruthefords said...

Hello Jennifer and Vanous,
We finally found your site and she is so cute. My favorite is her in the pink sweatshirt. I know you both are very excited and I can't wait to see her. Have a great time! We have a present waiting!

-Donnetta,Ryan and Kelsey

(sorry Danny's asleep)

Alan J said...

I missed seeing some of these pictures while we were at beta convention, they are so cute!!!

oh yeah. Mrs Brown just in case you hadn't heard yet, Emily got runner up. :-( just thought you might like to know.

Drew N., Ashlyn C., Brandon T., Cheyenne F. said...

Can't wait to see yall!!!We are so excited to be able to she her in person...Brandon T., Cheyenne, Ashlyn, and I are so excited to see her!!!!!