Saturday, November 3, 2007

Finally, a Change of Scene!

We really liked Chongqing, and it is the place where we received the most precious treasure of our lives, and we will forever be indebted for that, but we were all ready for a change of scene. We got up this morning, quickly ate breakfast, finished packing and got on a bus for the hour long bus ride to the airport in order to fly 2 hours to Guangzhou. We had to could we have more than we started with...oh yea...we have a daughter who is in diapers and needs her own food supply. She is cute...think we'll keep her;-)
The night before, we had a birthday party. One of the adopted girls turned 1 while we were here. We ate from the hotel buffet and had a wonderful cake from one of the local bake shops in the square. We got some strange looks from the locals, but it was great for us all to get together in the home city of our new daughers one last time.
So...after an hour on the bus, zipping through the airport at the will of Xuelan, our guide, as no one spoke English, we got on a plane, then on another bus for the White Swan Hotel to start the first leg of our journey home....GUANGZHOU. Every child adopted in China goes through Guangzhou. Emma Rose was the perfect trooper. She never cried and waited until that evening back at the hotel--- to poop. That's our girl!!!!!!


Natalie said...

Great to hear you made it to the White Swan. Lilli jumped up this morning to check and she if you had posted yet. I remember the White is a beautiful place...that is where Lilli got her first taste of Chocolate Ice Cream around the corner at the Ice Cream shop. Your on your last leg home with your daughter and everyone here is so excited to see you next weekend. Enjoy!! Give Emma Rose hugs and kisses from the Berry's.


Machaela B. said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Thats just so cute! I can't beleive she never cried for TWO WHOLE HOURS! I hope yall had a good trip over there! I cant wait to see you! Try to get here as soon as possible!! Im sure everyone is wondering when where and how we will ever get to see her beautiful face except through the computer screen! LOL Oh well, Ill be here the next time you post bye! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST SOON!!!