Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our little Valentine!

Emma Rose is growing, laughing, and doing well with her new family as we all get back to "normal" life. Both Vanous and I have started back to work. Emma Rose is staying with my parents- Nannie and Grandaddy- during the week and with my sister- Aunt Julie- on Fridays. She is having a big time at both places and seems to not mind being away from Mom and Dad. ( a little sad about that I have to admit.) She is almost walking by herself now and is exploring everything. She spent Valentines day at my Mom's with her 100% sweetness shirt on. CUTE!! She is climbing everything and invents ways to get in trouble. She sometimes zones out in front of the TV while sitting in my laundry basket. And has learned to ride her birthday zebra ride toy.
Vanous's softball team gave us a baby shower at the end of January. It was wonderful and we received many spring/summer outfits for the Princess to wear. She was also presented with a savings bond. WOW! Thanks girls!
She loves her cousin Nicholas and enjoys any time she gets to spend with him. So since we last posted- ER has taken a few steps on her own, seen her first snowflakes, survived the early morning trips to Nannies house, outgrown lots of her clothes, learned to climb, swallowed no telling how many unmentionable items I did not catch her putting in her mouth, slept through the night, woke every hour of the night, learned to blow raspberries, and how to do Indian calls. It sure has been a good month.
VAnous and I are enjoying every minute of it all!


Helen Fay said...

She has grown so much from last month! I'm glad that everything is going great with you all, and that you're settling into a routine! I miss you all!

Machaela B. said...

Hey Mr.B!! I am so gald your family is having fun with the new edition!!! See you t school!!

Machaela B. said...

See you at* school!! (^Sorry)