Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Emma Rose is Walking!

Yep. She is officially walking now. Not just a few faltering steps but really walking across the room on her own.
She is so proud of herself and smiles every time she hears us clapping and cheering. What a great feeling it is to see her growing and learning so fast. We just love parenthood. It snowed this week and we got a day off from school so we spent the day getting our taxes done and playing with the snowflakes. Emma Rose did not know what to do with the snowflakes falling down around us. She just reached out her hand and tried to catch them. So cute!!! Enjoy the pictures.


Kathryn said...

She is just toooooooo cute for words!!!!!!!! Let the chasing begin!!

Machaela B. said...

Hey Mr.B!!!! Wow!! Shes walking already!! She is really growing up!! But the down side is, she'll be in everything now!!!

Anonymous said...

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