Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Joy!

What a Merry Christmas we had at the Brown house. Santa visited and left a ton of stuff for Emma Rose. She really had a great time over the holidays. By far, her favorite presents were the paper, bows, and boxes. We went to my parents house for Christmas Eve, to my sisters house for Christmas Day breakfast, and back to Nannie's for Christmas day supper. She was the center of attention everywhere we went. (of course she was-- look how cute she is!) Then 2 days after Christmas she got really sick. Went to doctor and received diagnosis of RSV and pnemonia. Got put in hospital on New Year's Eve day and stayed for 3 days. We are finally home again and she is doing great again. Vanous started back to school this week and it's been hard on us all. I dread when my time comes to go back. If my Mom wasn't keeping her I don't think I could ever work again. She has successfully said the word "cat" and is really close to saying several others. She isn't walking yet but is making lots of progress. Emma Rose's first birthday is on January 12th. Will post pictures of her party next!


Machaela B. said...

Awwwww!! I just love looking at pics of emma!! My cousin, she is 2, and thats all she liked too about Christmas!! I am so happy yall had a great Christmas. Emma's birthday is tommorow!! Yay!! Well I'll catch yall later.Bye

Kathryn said...

Wishing your lovely Emma Rose a very happy birthday!!!!!!!!!