Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lazy days before Christmas!

We have been enjoying all of the Christmas preparations and watching Emma Rose bloom. She has really learned a lot in the past few weeks. She can now say "CAT" very plainly and is feeding herself sooooo much better. She has learned to give Daddy kisses and hug her Dolly. We got all dressed up for Christmas 2 times lately. So Daddy made our pictures in front of the Christmas tree both times. Isn't Emma the cutest thing ever? And one pretty day that wasn't too cold- we put her in the hiking backpack and took the dogs for a long walk. Emma loved it and did not want to come out of the pack. We will definitely do that again soon! We are anxiously waiting for Christmas Eve when my family gets together. We will take lots of pictures of family and of what Santa brings to little Emma Rose this year. She has been very good and I expect her to get LOTS of stuff! Merry Christmas to all!!!!!


Machaela B. said...

Hey yall! I dont think you could ask for anything but what you have in those pictures! You are blessed with a beautiful, kind, loving little girl that loves you! I don't think you could ask for anything else in return. I bet she is going to love this christmas!!! I wish yall the best Christmas in your lifetime! Keep me posted on what she gets!! Merry Christmas!! I wonder what she is going to think about the big ball dropping on New Years Eve!? I bet she will love it. She came at the right time of year huh? Well Ill talk to you guys later!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Have fun!!!

monicaijordi said...

Bonjour famille nous sommes une famille Barcelone - de Catalonie que nous voulons partager avec vous nos vidéos de l'adopcuion de de le nôtre seconde fille. Nous espérons que vous aimiez !!!

Merci beacoup !!!