Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Home and Loving It!

We are all still doing great and loving our bonding time at home. Vanous and I do nothing other than interact with Emma Rose. She is really learning fast. We had pictures made at a local photographer and they are beautiful. ( See link to pictures- Jacksons). We have been to church several times for different events and ER has loved all the attention. This last Sunday, it was our job to light the Advent candles as a family. While I read the scripture, Emma kicked her shoes off and pulled her bow out of her hair to the delight of the congregation. She is a funny girl and is usually all smiles and giggles. Christmas is almost here and we are trying to do some shopping, something I used to find easy to do. Now with a stroller, baby, bottles, diaper bag, etc., it gets a little difficult. Vanous is off until after Christmas and I don't go back to school until end of January so we still have lots of time to bond. I just LOVE this little girl. We can't imagine what we did before she came along?


Machaela B. said...

Hey Mr.B!!! We miss you soooooooooo much!! I can't wait for you to get back into teaching! We are doing this project in science, now that we turned in our rough draft of of feature artical. The project is about genetics and its really fun!! I just can't wait to see emma rose!!! Well, I guess I'll catch your next post! Have fun with Emma!! I'm sure thats not hard to do when your with her.

Kathryn said...

Thank you so much for posting on my blog!!! Your Emma Rose is just the most precious little girl I've seen, she is beautiful. My husband and I are just dreaming about our day when we have our little one. I added your blog to my favorites. Again thank you for lifting our spirits and keeping our dream going, we get so discouraged sometimes. Have a wonderful blessed holiday and a happy and healthy new year!!!!
Kathryn :)
How did you find my blog?

Kathryn said...

I was reading some older post on your blog and saw that Emma's birthday is Jan. 12, that is my son's birthday. Now 2 special kids share the same date!!!!