Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Santa visited ER's house and left lots of goodies.  She got a new talking dollhouse with all the accessories, a train ride toy,  jack in the box, books, play dough, disney princess gear, tigger backpack, and more.  She woke up late and just could not seem to get very excited.  She is just like her parents.  She wakes up very slowly and just would not be rushed.  And forget about a smile.  Not that early in the morning.  haha..  She livened up later on in the morning but or course the camera was put away by then.  We had a great day.   Hope yours was as happy as ours was.  

1 comment:

Alan Jones said...

She is so Fricken Cute!! It's been forever since i've looked at any of these pictures. She is getting to be so cute!