Monday, August 29, 2011

A Big Month

The month of August has been full of growth for our Benjamin. He has improved in so many areas including development and attachment. He is almost walking now- and is feeding himself when he wants to. He loves his Mommy- and is obsessed with his sister. I took the month of August off of school to stay home with him and work on his skills. It has paid off. My husband is staying home with him during the month of September. We have been visiting the babysitter and Nannie's house a lot in order to get him adjusted to the new places he will be staying. Ben just does not handle change very well. He still has moments of unexplained crying and the bad days are not gone- but he is sure showing us his personality these days. He is a stubborn little boy- who will not give control over easily. But he can be so sweet- and lovable. We have signed up with First Steps so that they can help us- help him- to catch up on his skills. We had formal pictures taken of Ben and ER and all I can say is WOW!

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