Sunday, April 10, 2011

OK Folks- It is almost travel time!!

We got our I 600 in the mail last week. This week it is on to the National Visa Center where we hope for a quick log in and log out. Then my paperwork should be all sent to Korea where they are currently making Joonho ready for travel. It looks like we are still about 2-4 weeks away from traveling now. Hopefully, it will be soon!!!! Stay tuned. We will blog the whole time we are in Korea. Would love your comments too! We printed out all of the comments for Emma Rose to have in her scrapbook and we want to do the same for our new boy!

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Cindy said...

I met your sister this morning at Living Hope. We sat in the row behind them and she could not help my notice my Korean asian angel. She told me your story and I am so completely excited for your family. I look forward to following your trip. I gave her our info so feel free to call or email if you want to chat. Emma Rose is beautiful! I cannot wait to see pictures of your handsome little man.