Monday, September 24, 2007

Emma Rose is it!

Yep. We finally decided on a name and Emma Rose has won. We think it suits her face in her pictures. Updates this week- We sent her a care package this weekend that contained a teddy bear, blanket, toys, clothes, and cameras. Hopefully, the cameras will be returned when we go to get our girl and will have tons of pictures on them of her and her cribmates and nannies. We sent off our visas as well via courier service. Other couples are receiving their TA's this week. This is the official Travel Approval that China issues before you can go there. After we receive this approval- we can then start making travel arrangements to China. Things seem to be moving very slowly right now! Hurry up!!!!


Kristen said...

Hey Mrs. Brown,
I know that with all my heart you are going to be wonderful for Emma Rose. You are a awesome teacher and a caring person so I can only imagen how wonderful her life will be. When you are waiting and waiting for something that you want so bad it seems to take for ever for that day to come but as time gets closer it will speed up. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers that you two have a safe and fun trip over there.

Bailey Luster said...

HEY! Mr.Brown I think Emma Rose is so cute and know that you are going to be a good father. And we miss you alot. The sub said that she doesnt give homework but she makes us work hard during. So we are gettin a break from homework.