Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Dresser and Curious Bunny


Lynn said...

Jennifer and Vanous: Our prayers are with you for your heart's desire: a child to love.

bro. Lynn & Margie White,
friends of Vanous Brown, Sr.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....that is all I know to say.....SHE IS BREATHTAKING!! Last night at about 1:00 I was so anxious and excited for you guys. I knew that you would be getting her at about 2am!! WOW! I did not realize the emotions that I would feel for your family! I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel!! The pictures make it look like she has always known you. I am sure that you will have plenty of scared/nervous/anxious/excited feelings....just know that those feelings will never stop! Bryson turned 6 yesterday and I still have all of those feelings, so very often!!!! Parenthood is a love like no other and I am so completely thankful that you all have reached this long awaited point in your journey "the day you were handed your beautiful baby girl"!! JUST TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS!!

I do hope that you get a little rest while in China but if you don't, I promise that when you get home, I will have Bryson to have a little chat with EmmaRose about how a baby needs to sleep!!!!!! He has always been the best sleeping baby she gets to be the "Best Sleeping Baby Girl"!

This website is feels like we get to be such a special part of your excitement! I cannot wait to meet your DAUGHTER!!

love and prayers,